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Powered by the Dave Barr Foundation

"The patriot express​ provides for the families of veterans. when our service men and women return from duty, emotionally or physically damaged, we aid the families, the wives, AND the children. OUR military may sacrifice for our freedom, but so do their loved ones who are left here, waiting, hoping, and picking up the pieces of war."  -Beth Fairchild

"your vision is what is inside of you telling you...

'this is why i'm here in this world'... act upon it!"

                                             - Dave Barr

The Patriot Express is a series of motorcycle related events and fundraisers, designed to raise the awareness while providing donations, support, and counseling, to the families of our injured veterans, including the troops who return from duty with long-term medical care needs.

This movement was created as part of the Dave Barr Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, (77-0430310) founded by Dave Barr, a double-amputee veteran who has written books and ridden motorcycles on six different continents.

Patriot Express was created in the year 2000 by The Dave Barr Foundation, and was established to support charitable organizations, both in the U.S. and overseas, that are dedicated to improving the lives of our military families. Through donations, we are able to provide aid to those who know all to well the price of war, our military families. Whether a veteran returns with PTSD or a long term medical need, the Patriot Express can help by directing families to counseling services and other avenues, to prepare them to cope with caretaking of someone who has suffered some type of emotional trauma, an injury, a missing limb, or who may be total care. 95% of the donations recieved through Patriot Express events are distributed to the organizations who provide these services and work directly with the veterans and their families.

The Patriot Express is made possible by donors like you and by our "State Captains," a band of volunteers across the states, who organize our rallies, rides, and fundraisers. By keeping our expenses low, we are able to invest significant amounts into our service. 95% of all money raised goes directly to aid our military families.


The Patriot Express has several events planned for 2016. Please continue to check here for the latest updates and schedules. If you live in Eastern, Western, NC, Central MO, and would be interested in helping with an event, please contact one of our State Captains. If you would like to bring or host a new event to your town, please submit the form on our Contact page.

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