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No fancy words, No magic sabres, No knights on white horses. My books are a collection of stories that came from my honest experiences along my journey across many lands. I don't pretend to know all the answers or be a hero.


Being of service to others has kept me humble and I shall do my best to stand on  what is left of my weary legs to honor those who have served  our country and our allies.

Four Flags

Walking in another man's shoes will leave a indelible mark on your soul. And so it was for Dave Barr as he served in the military along side men and women in  foreign lands. How to survive physicially and spiriitually would be a constant challenge.

The story is raw but true and the poeple are at the heart of everything that matters.


This book touchs on all the human emotions, including humor that Dave embraces from time to time so as not to take himself to seriously.

This is the first volume in the gripping and action-packed memoirs of Dave Barr, providing a rich and colorful account of one man's odyssey as a professional soldier, seeing war at the 'sharp end'.


Riding The Edge

​A long, difficult, and perilous motorcycle ride across the edges of the world would carry Dave over the road less traveled. Each day he would begin again! That is how the journey would go. Some days good some days bad . There would be pain and joy wrapped up in fear and excitement. The one  mile turned into 83,000 miles and the oceans into deserts. The mountains would surrender to the valleys and the ride would be complete.

His solo motorcycle journey took three and a half years to complete and spanned six continents and 83,000 miles. What makes it truly remarkable is that Dave made the trip with two prosthetic legs riding  a 1972 Harley-Davidson® motorcycle .

Riding The Ice

​The true story about Dave Barr’s incredible 13,000 mile winter journey across a frozen Northern Europe, Russia and Siberia on a 1996 Harley-Davidson Sportser.

Nothing could prepare you for this adventure. The unforeseen experiences are not for the weak of heart. There had to be a great fire in his heart to continue across these forsaken lands.

"Contact Dave for signed copies or personal dedications"

Four Flags: The Odyssey of a Professional Soldier. Part 2: Rhodesian Security Forces 1979-80, South African Defense Force 1981-83 Paperback – April 24, 2017

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