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If you want to increase the level of resiliency and leadership at your company or in your life, start with authentic stories by those who have served.  Dave Barr  reveals how to persevere against the odds. Dave is a speaker who brings you an experience that can change you forevery.



Walking in another man's shoes will leave a indelible mark on your soul. And so it was for Dave Barr as he served in the military along side men and women in  foreign lands. How to survive physicially and spiriitually would be a constant challenge.

The story is raw but true and the poeple are at the heart of everything that matters.


This book touchs on all the human emotions, including humor that Dave embraces from time to time so as not to take himself to seriously.

The wait is over.  The Secrets need to be shared! Thrilling and entertaining, the truth in full color!

Shirley Ringo, Director of Service for Humanity Foundation



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