September 14, 2016

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"The message of a man is not in what happens to him, but in how he response to the evens in his life."
Dave Barr shares his story after one of life's most frightening and challenging experiences that left him without his legs.
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Dave Barr is an American veteran of the Vietnam War and a motorcyclist best known for being the first double amputee to circumnavigate the globe. But there's more to the story.
While in the middle of two-year stint with the South African Defense Force this extraordinary biker lost both of his legs following a landmine explosion in Angola in 1981. His journey has now brought him back to South Africa. Nina Oosthuizen reports.
To say that American Veteran Dave Barr is a remarkable man would be a complete understatement. This double amputee Harley Davidson rider has shown that living with a disability does not mean that you are disabled. Barr is in South Africa on the Chutzpah Adventure Tour aimed to help create awareness for the Cheshire Homes and QuadPara Association by travelling 6500 kilometers around the country, stopping in cities and towns along the way to give motivational talks. Dave is a great speaker to have for any group!
Dave Barr  is  a riders with  a passion and mission to support military families.  You could call him a SOUL RIDER. He uses his motor cycle and story as a way to connect to others and  to bring awareness to the need for healing and support for those who serve.
He is a speaker that can deliver some of life's most important lessons!
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